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HIS Throne Room School of Ministry was started to further develop and educate Christian leaders and workers in the knowledge of God's word, helping them become more effective witnesses for Him.

As a member of the Christian Life Educators Network, HIS Throne Room School Of Ministry is able to provide quality, cutting-edge Christian education and ministry training.


Diploma Programs

Six diploma programs are offered through our school in a Bible Theology Major:

  • Diploma of Theology (30 Credit Units)
  • Associate of Theology (60 Credit Units)
  • Bachelor of Theology (126 Credit Units)
  • Master of Theology (171 Credit Units)
  • Master of Sacred Studies (216 Credit Units)
  • Doctor of Theology (261 Credit Units)


Certificate Program

HIS Throne Room School of Ministry offers the following Certificate Programs:

  • Certificate of Lay Counseling
  • Certificate of Lay Ministry & Leadership
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies
  • Certificate of Family Studies
  • Certificate of Spiritual Disciplines
  • Certificate of Evangelism
  • Certificate of Teaching
  • Certificate of Spiritual Giftings
  • Certificate of the Ministry of Intercession
  • Certificate of Church History
  • Certificate of Theology of God’s Glory and Presence
  • Certificate of Praise and Worship
  • Certificate of Studies in Eschatology
  • Certificate of Studies in Biblical Prophecy
  • Certificate of Pauline Studies
  • Certificate of Study on They Synoptic Gospels
  • Certificate of Studies in the New Testament


For additional details and admissions information, please email us at: htr@histhroneroom.org









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Student Testimonies:


"HIS Throne Room School of Ministry has been a great teaching tool in growing in the things of God and equipping me to be a leader to reach others."  - L.R.

"His Throne Room School of Ministry has opened my eyes to the Gospel in a completely different way.  Each course has taught me the background of the letters and the  purpose of which it is written.  It is very informative and faith-building."     - S.J.

"By providing high-quality and in-depth Bible studies, HIS Throne Room School of Ministry helps me to fulfill my desire to constantly learn and grow. The curriculum is broad and is taught by instructors who are extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and clearly passionate about the Word. These qualities, plus the flexibility in scheduling the classes, all contribute to making the School of Ministry a very rewarding experience."   - L.A.S.

"I have to be honest and say I was reluctant to take the classes in the beginning.  Reason being, time constraints and a worry of not being able to comprehend the lessons. However, now I'm pleased I followed through and plan on continuing.  HIS Throne Room School of Ministry birthed in me a desire for more knowledge of the Word and thirst for understanding and wisdom." - C.J.



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