Healed At An Unexpected Time


In April of 2008, I brought a motorcycle with the intention of teaching myself how to ride. I was doing well until around the end of April when my neighbor rode my bike around the block to test out some repairs we did. He rode it out of my garage and across my gravel driveway then onto the street, something I’ve never done. I usually walk it across the gravel driveway before riding it on the street, but after seeing my neighbor do it with so much ease I got the brilliant idea I was going to do the same.

So I rode it around the street with no problem then onto my gravel driveway and when I came to the little bump that lead into my garage I popped the clutch, after stalling out a couple times. The rear wheel spun out on the gravel and the bike shot into the garage, it went one way and I went another. I came down on the side of my right knee on the concrete floor.

At that point it felt as if my pride was hurt more than anything else. I was quick to pick the bike up and assure my neighbor, who had seen the whole incident, that I really wasn’t hurt. In actuality a bump had formed on the side of my knee, which I could barely move. That night I put an icepack on the injury and in time it did get better but there was always a mild discomfort, which would get worse anytime my leg was in one position for too long.

On the Friday night that I came to His Throne Room the last thing that I expected was to be healed of that injury. It wasn’t even a concern to me anymore since the discomfort was mild, but God is concerned with every detail in our lives. Even the ones we often neglect.

As Pastor Rosalind Mahadeo prayed for me, I felt the Holy Spirit moving and I felt a fiery sensation in both my legs from the knees down. When the Pastor finished praying for me, I felt healed. To this day, my knee has never felt better. I am a witness that the Spirit of God is moving in this Church.