Miracle Baby

My husband and I decided to have another child

For whatever reason, I was unable to conceive for a while
Then I had a miscarriage

After that I was unable to conceive

I went to doctors and under went some procedures with no success

Then, I started to attend HIS Throne Room

I never told anyone that I was concerned with conceiving

My husband and I did not even discuss it

But one day we gathered after service and were fellowshipping

Pastor Rosalind passed by me in the hall outside the bathroom

Without saying a word she laid both of her hands on my stomach

She forcefully prayed healing into my womb

The next 2 months my body acted normal but by the third it was off again
But now it was because I was pregnant

January 2007 we were blessed with a baby girl

Pastor Rosalind calls her Anna like the woman in the temple

She is a joy and she brings joy to our whole family


Sister in Christ