Healed & Obedient


When I first came I thought I was bringing someone for help.

I was in pain

My foot was really giving me a problem

They didn’t think the surgery would help

I was living in pain on a daily basis

The night I came I didn’t realize it till I went to my car

The pain was gone I am healed

I am trusting God

There are other healings I know He is going to do

I just want to thank Him for that

I believe in obedience

I felt that night because I reached out to someone

And tried to get them help, He blessed me.

We have to stay focused on Him

Prov 17:9

When we sing praises unto Him

He even makes peace with our enemies

I have anticipation for Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays.

Because I know I will get fed.


Sister in Christ