Financial Blessing

GOD is so good.  He cares for everything.  I have been coming to the Throne Room since October 2005.  I have given in the offering many times and didn’t expect to receive anything until Pastor Rosalind challenged us to expect from GOD.  Well the first time I started praying for financial blessings not really having a specific need in mind.  I started getting this letter in the mail about some lawsuit I was entitled to pay out from but I never understood what it was so I ignored it.  A week or two later I got a simple letter that said the company sent me a check did I receive it.  I had two choices to respond according to the letter.  Yes I did or no and they would automatically send another.  Well, it turns out it was two checks one for $340.00 and the other for $140.00.  I was excited because I realized this was a financial blessing.


But then a need came, my husbands car broke down.  Again I was challenged to believe GOD so I called Pastor Rosalind and asked for prayer and I prayed believing in faith.  The next day someone lent us a car so we can return the rental.  Within two days my husband and I was buying a 2002 Chevy Malibu for $5000.00 when list price on the internet was $8000.00 - $9000.00.  The car is better than we could ever expect and my husband got to encourage the Christian employees at the dealership because of God’s blessing.  I had more opportunities to share about GOD at my job because of this miracle.  Now my co-workers are asking more questions about GOD and asking for prayer.




GOD cares about the little things like my missing checkbook.  I have lost my checkbook.  I didn’t know it was the last set of checks I had until lost it.  We as a family tore apart the house looking for it for a week.  That was really a problem I couldn’t pay bills or anything.  Plus my husband was going away on a trip and he was really concerned that the checkbook fell outside where anyone could find it.  So again I came to the Throne Room and asked specifically for prayer to find my checkbook.  I came home expecting to find it but I didn’t find it that night and my husband was leaving in the morning.  I was not moved when I didn’t find it that night I just went to bed believing that GOD would answer my prayer.  The next day I went to make my daughter’s lunch and on top of the refrigerator in the peanut crackers box was my checkbook...  It was 6am and my husband left for his trip at 8:30am.  GOD is faithful and on time.  So much more has happened and so much more is to come because GOD wants to bless his own.  Amen


Sister in Christ MC