Family Restoration


The Lord has brought my family together

The last few weeks He has demonstrated His power in my family

The only thing I keep hearing for the past few weeks is truth

What do we get in the Throne Room? Truth
My family has been set free through the spoken Word, through His resurrection power.  I am so grateful.  I thank God every day that we are sitting in the Truth.  The Word comes straight from the spirit of God.  Last Friday as I was listening to the sermon, the Lord was showing me it was not Pastor Rosalind.  It was the Lord feeding me one word at a time.


Everything starts to shift as we sit in the truth
Everything falls into alignment with His word.

Those who are closest to me and my husband

I am sure you have seen the chain links fall off one at time

Then all the chains.  I have been a Christian for many years

But the last two years have been tremendous, I’ve been sitting under Pastor Rosalind over these last two years. He has taken care of one thing and then the next thing.  Things I struggled with

Many times I would walk into the Throne Room

Whatever plagued me would leave.  I had heel spurs

I would walk with pain and God healed that.  Poor sinuses, God healed it  What God has done for us God will do for you


Sister in Christ