Double Miracle


My car broke down, I had no money

So I was trying to find a used, inexpensive car

We looked for about 2 months

Every car that we found either had problems

Or wasn’t what we were looking for

One day in church service

Pastor Rosalind said not to settle for anything used

I was going to get a brand new car

About a week later we went to a Mazda dealer
And walked away with a steal

I had a brand new car

They actually lost money selling me the car

Then, I had an internship job lined up for the summer

I was planning on volunteering all my hours

One day in church Pastor Rosalind said

Anything you want you will get because you will

Have the money to buy whatever you like

The next day the law firm called

And said they would pay me for all the hours I put in


Brother in Christ