Boldness in Christ


Before I started coming to His Throne Room International Ministry, I used to curse and I really didn’t understand the whole “Christian” thing.  I would never even read my Bible not did I know how to worship.  I never really had a close relationship with GOD as much as I do now since I have been coming to His Throne Room.


When I first came to His Throne Room, I was kind of scared.  I had never felt the presence and love of GOD as strong as I felt it at His Throne Room.  Since I have been going to His Throne Room, I have gotten much bolder in school about sharing the truth to the other teenagers and I am not ashamed to tell them about Christ.  I have gotten much closer to GOD.  My faith has gotten stronger and I have basically been rebuilt by the Almighty GOD.


I now know how to read the Bible more in depth, and I am starting to rely more on GOD than man or myself.  I have a lot more joy and happiness now that I am closer to GOD.


Youth in Christ KL