Blessed in Giving

Over the last four years, while attending, HIS Throne Room,

God has opened my heart to the power of giving.

2 Cor 9:7 “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”

God delights when we give Him our best and this extends into all areas of our lives: Our heart, skills, talents, time, and also finances.

Pastor always encourages us to give to God first and since attending HTR, I have faithfully given.  God would be very specific about amounts and at specific times I would feel His sweet gentle voice prompting.

Many times when giving my checkbook would appear like there were not “enough” funds to give.  However, each time I gave in faith God would give me a token (financial breakthroughs) some small, some huge.

Many times after going to a service I would get home and that night I would have gotten a check in the mail.  Other times, I would get a call from a client asking me to tutor.  Every single time I gave financially God would enable me to pay my bills, and beyond.  Last week I got a card in the mail for free windshield wiper fluid.  A few days later my windshield wiper fluid ran out unexpectedly.  God knew my need before I did and He provided.  The last time I got a prescription at the doctors she gave me a coupon for my medication.  I paid for it completely and the pharmacist said I could use the coupon another time too.  Next week I have to have a mini medical surgery and the medical office assured me that I will only be billed $15.

God knows my needs and He is faithful to provide.  As I step out in faith and give cheerfully He is able to release financial answers to prayer such as a 25% increase in salary (this year) but also I know that He releases other desires of my heart too.  For example, my sister had a very successful surgery and recovery this month. Her appendix was removed. When we give to God, He sees our faith, and our desperation for Him to work in our lives.  We can never out give God.


Sister in Christ