I haven’t been coming here that long; maybe about two and a half months and it feels like I’ve been here for ages.  Before I got here, I was backslidden for about two and a half years.  I would go to church and I would try to pray and to spend time in His presence.  I would find it boring.  Then I refused to go and I got so sick of church and Christians and I never even wanted to claim to be a Christian.


Then God brought me here.  It was an honor to be here.  I came here not expecting God to do a single thing.  I just gave up.  But every time I went out that door I felt such a release of that guilt and shame.  My heart was of stone; I refused to let anyone love me.  If anyone came near me, that wall came right up.  


I know that God has taken that wall down and helped me to love all of you and helped me to love Him again.


Sister in Christ CJ