A Poured Out Blessing


Sometime in April or May of 2012, I received a dreaded letter from the IRS claiming that I owed over $8,000 in taxes and penalties because I forgot to claim some income from stock transactions back in 2010.  My heart sank, but the first thing I did was work on gathering the money so I could pay...I never mess with the IRS.  Besides, even Jesus said (concerning taxes) “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”


After I got the money together, I sat down to write out my checks for the week.  The first check I always write out is for my tithes.  This particular week, Pastor had called for a special offering.  That was my second check, and I wrote it out for quite a bit more than what was planned....no prompting...I just felt moved.  Then I was ready to write out the big check.  Before I wrote it out, I started filling out the paperwork (you get plenty when the government is involved) and I discovered that their estimate was way off and I probably owed less than ½ of the original amount.  I was really excited and decided to finish the paperwork later.  I did give a testimony in church about this blessing.


When I got back to the paperwork and finished everything, the blessing actually increased...I happened to have a capital loss back in 2010, and the income from the missed stock transactions was offset by this lose.....what does that mean?  I calculated that I actually owed NOTHING to the IRS!  I signed the paperwork, gathered lots of documentation and sent it off.  It took a couple of months, but I finally heard back from the IRS and they closed the case with a NET AMOUNT DUE of $0! 


My God definitely rebuked the devourer in this case.


Lu Ann