January 2008

r  01-04-08      Who Do You Say I Am?

r  01-06-08     The Will Of God  

r  01-08-08      His Trains My Hands For War

r  01-11-08     Samuel Is Called

r  01-13-08     Trusting in the Lord for All Things

r  01-15-08     Prepare for Outside Work

r  01-18-08     The Breaking, Shaking &

Removing Anointing

r  01-20-08     Let Your Light Shine in Dark


r  01-22-08     Be Wise in the Lord

r  01-25-08     Pharaoh, Let My People Go

r  01-27-08     Behold, I will do a New


r  01-29-08      Lord, Teach Us To Pray


February 2008

r  02-01-08     God Shows No Favoritism

r  02-03-08      Suddenly The House Was  

                          Filled With The Holy Spirit

r  02-05-08      If You Receive My Word

r  02-08-08     Jesus Heals The Oppressed

r  02-10-08     Free From Guilt In Christ

r  02-15-08     The Power in the Blood

r  02-17-08     Deliverance, Healing &


r  02-19-08     Redeemed by the Blood

r  02-29-08     Peter & the Angel


March 2008

r  03-02-08     We See & We Hear

r  03-04-08     David & Job Cry Out for Help

r  03-07-08     Jesus Prayed for Direction

r  03-09-08     No Compromises with God

r  03-11-08     Coming Out of Your Egypt

r  03-14-08     Renewing Your Spirit

r  03-16-08     Jesus’ Entry Into Jerusalem

r  03-18-08     The Alabaster Flask & The                                 Woman

r  03-21-08     The Crucifixion


r  03-25-08      Coming Out Of Your Egypt

                           (Part 2)

r  03-28-08     Fruitful By The River

r  03-30-08     Giving (Part 1)

April 2008

r  04-01-08     Book Of James (Part 1)

                           Perfect & Complete In Christ

r  04-04-08     Now Victory Over Satan

r  04-06-08      Giving & Releasing (Part 2)

r  04-08-08     Book of James (Part 2)

r  04-11-08     Are You An Overcomer?

r  04-13-08     Now Blessing

r  04-15-08     Book Of James Part 3
                    Hearer & Doer of The Word

r  04-20-08     Walking By Faith Part 1

r  04-22-08     The Christian Faith

r  04-25-08     Paul Encourages The                                              Believers

r  04-27-08     Noah Walks By Faith

r  04-29-08     Prophecy to the Dry Bones

May 2008

r  05-02-08     3 Mighty Men Defeat Their                                  Enemy

r  05-04-08     Abraham Believed By Faith

r  05-06-08     Jesus Opens Our Eyes

r  05-09-08     Invitation To Worship

r  05-11-08     A Woman Who Fears the                                   Lord

r  05-13-08     The Weapon That God Has                                  Given Us

r  05-18-08     Overcoming The Flesh

r  05-20-08     God's Perfect Law

r  05-23-08     Jehosaphat Calls A Fast

r  05-25-08     Plan of God for Your Life

r  05-27-08     Fasting 3: Consecrate a Fast

r  05-30-08     Fasting 4: Some Things                                        Come Out By Prayer &                                    Fasting

June 2008

r  06-01-08     Joshua’s Garments Are                                Changed

r  06-03-08     All Idols Must Come Down


r  06-06-08     The Seed Falls on Good                                      Ground      

r  06-08-08     Garments of Praise: Beauty                                 For Ashes

r  06-10-08     God Seekers

r  06-13-08     Joshua 1

r  06-15-08     God Is A God Of Order

r  06-17-08     God is Our Rewarder                      

r  06-20-08     Washed With Water & Blood

r  06-22-08      Ezra Reads The Scroll

r  06-24-08     God Destroys The Destroyer

r  06-27-08     Women’s Retreat

                           Our God is a Consuming Fire

r  06-28-08     Women’s Retreat

                           God Works in Women

r  06-29-08     Women’s Retreat

                           The Double Portion

July 2008

r  07-01-08     Great Shout & The Walls                                   Fall Flat

r  07-06-08     The Word Is Like Fire

r  07-08-08      Nicodemus Being Born Again

r  07-13-08     Our Father In Heaven

r  07-15-08     The Great Shepherd

r  07-18-08     Peter, Do You Love Me?                                     Feed My Lambs

r  07-20-08     The Blessing Of The Lord                                     Makes One Rich

r  07-22-08     Synchronize With God

r  07-25-08     Carrying The Anointing

r  07-27-08     One Lord, One Faith, One                                   Baptism

r  07-29-08     Leadership Part 2


August 2008

r  08-01-08     Lord, Show Us The Father

r  08-05-08     He is My Source

r  08-08-08     The Word Brings Joy                   To My Heart

r  08-10-08     Walking In Humility

r  08-15-08     The Presence Of The Lord

r  08-17-08     Parable of Excuses


r  08-19-08     Pattern Of Sound Words

r  08-22-08     The Water is Troubled

r  08-24-08     Stretch For The Promise

r  08-26-08     We Believe The Report Of                                   The Lord

r  08-29-08     Be Filled With The Scroll


September 2008

r  09-02-08      Esther’s Fast

r  09-05-08     Trusting & Doing Good

r  09-07-08     Faith, Hope & Love

r  09-09-08     God said & God saw & God                                 called

r  09-12-08     Identifying Your Prison

r  09-14-08      Have Faith In God

r  09-16-08     Speak To Our Mountains, Move!

r  09-19-08     Understanding The                                                  Scriptures

r  09-21-08     The Greatest Is Love

r  09-23-08     Presenting Your Body To                                 God

r  09-26-08     Applying The Blood

r  09-28-08     Meditate On The Word

r  09-30-08     Applying The Blood 2


October 2008

r  10-03-08     Bartimaeus Drops His Garment

r  10-07-08     A Miraculous Catch of Fish

r  10-10-08     A Mysterious Woman

r  10-12-08     Pastor Knolly
                    Abraham’s Journey To Canaan

r  10-14-08     Forgiveness

r  10-17-08     Believe The Word

r  10-19-08     He Will Not Permit The Righteous               
                  To Move

r  10-24-08     Overcoming The Storm Now

r  10-26-08     Betsey Garcia

                           Peter, Do You Love Me?

r  10-28-08     Is Jesus In Your Boat?

r  10-31-08     Four Friends Lower                                             Paralytic Before Jesus

November 2008

r  11-04-08     The Wise Will Hear & Obey                                   The Word

r  11-07-08     A Leper Is Healed

r  11-11-08     His Word Will Do It

r  11-14-08     Naaman Healed Of Leprosy

r  11-18-08     Explore The Word


r  11-21-08     Filled With The Holy Spirit

r  11-23-08     1 Leper Returns To Give                                       Thanks

r  11-30-08     Mary Magnifies The Lord


December 2008

r  12-05-08     Let Us Not Grow Weary

r  12-09-08     Stay In The Land

r  12-12-08     Suddenly, Daniel Heard His                                   Word

r  12-14-08     Zacharias Serves In The                                         Temple

r  12-21-08     The Christmas Shepherd

r  12-23-08     Boldly Receive Your Healing

r  12-28-08     Running From God

r  12-31-08     Exceedingly Abundantly Above


January 2009

r  01-02-09     Listening to the Voice of God

r  01-04-09     The Blessing of the Lord

Is Upon His Children

r  01-11-09    Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream                                    Was Revealed

r  01-18-09     David Flees From His


r  01-25-09     Hot Pursuit For God

r  01-27-09     Let Us Draw Near To God

r  01-30-09     Holy Spirit Anointing


February 2009

r  02-01-09     Pastor Knolly

Broad is the Way,
Narrow is the Gate

r  02-08-09     I Promise My People


r  02-10-09     Betsey Garcia

God Never Fails Us

r  02-13-09     No Condemnation in God

r  02-15-09     Walking in the Fear of God

r  02-22-09     Pastor Knolly

5th Anniversary Service

r  02-27-09     The Shekinah Glory Rests

Upon Us

March 2009

r  03-06-09     The Lame Man At The

Beautiful Gate

r  03-08-09     How long, O Lord?


r  03-13-09     The Lame Man At The

Beautiful Gate 2

r  03-15-09     Moving a Heart of Stone &

Put a Heart of Flesh

r  03-20-09     What Is Dead Will


r  03-22-09     Trust In The Lord & Do


r  03-27-09     Jesus Performs Mighty


r  03-29-09     Love of God


April 2009

r  04-03-09     Tonight is Your Tonight

r  04-05-09     Rejoice, O Daughter of Zion

r  04-10-09     Jesus Going Onto The Cross

r  04-12-09     Resurrection Sunday

                          The Promise of God

r  04-17-09     Hold On

r  04-19-09     Pastor Knolly

The Power of the Cross

r  04-24-09     The Battle Is The Lord’s

r  04-26-09     Hope In A Hopeless



May 2009

r  05-01-09     Victory Through Worship

r  05-03-09     Hold On To Your Opportunity
                  Part 2 (Part 1- 04-17-09)

r  05-08-09     God Turns The Bitter Water Sweet

r  05-10-09     Mother’s Day 2009

God Creates A Mom

r  05-15-09      God Tells Moses To Strike  

                          The Rock

r  05-17-09     We Are Precious In His Sight

r  05-22-09     There Is No Lack In The


r  05-24-09     Because He Lives

r  05-29-09     Women’s Retreat 2009

Fresh Oil

r  05-30-09      Women’s Retreat 2009

Woman At The Well

r  05-31-09      Women’s Retreat 2009

                           All Things In His Presence

June 2009

r  06-05-09     Obey The Word


r  06-07-09     Pastor Knolly

                         God Is Our Peace

r  06-12-09     David Waited Patiently On God

r  06-14-09     Betsey Garcia
                  Prescription For Open Heaven

r  06-19-09     Overcomers By The Blood

r  06-21-09      Father’s Come & Reason 

                          With Abba Father:

                          Father’s Day 2009

r  06-23-09     The Hour Of Power Of Prayer

r  06-26-09     In His Presence

r  06-28-09     No Lack

r  06-30-09     The Hour Of Power Of Prayer


July 2009

r  07-03-09     Help Is Available

r  07-05-09     Meeting Our Needs

r  07-10-09     Jesus Wept

r  07-12-09      Praying In One Accord

r  07-24-09      The Woman Bent Over

r  07-26-09      Baptism 2009

r  07-31-09      Release and Shift


August 2009

r  08-02-09     Walking In The Fear of God

                         (Part 1)

r  08-07-09     Peter & Andrew Found
                  The Messiah

r  08-09-09     The Love of God (Part 2)

r  08-21-09     God’s Elect

r  08-23-09     The Great Commission

r  08-28-09     Ezekiel In The Spirit

r  08-30-09     The Groom Is Ready, Are You?

September 2009


r  09-04-09     Daniel Prepares The People
                  For Fasting

r  09-06-09     Fresh Joy

r  09-11-09    Sister Betsey Garcia                                           

                         Persistent Faith Brings Healing &          

                         Breaks Tradition

r  09-13-09     Sister Betsey Garcia
                  The Rewards Of A Fast

r  09-18-09     God Answers Us In The
                  Day Of Our Trouble

r  09-20-09     Pastor Knolly
                  The Call Of My People



r  09-25-09     He Will Give You
                  The Desires Of Your Heart

r  09-27-09      Be Fruitful In Your Ministry


October 2009

r  10-02-09      Breaking Through

r  10-09-09      The Lord Strengthens Daniel

r  10-11-09      The Holy Spirit Dares You

r  10-16-09      The Spirit Of Fear Being Broken

r  10-18-09      Power And Authority

r  10-23-09      The Spirit Of Truth

r  10-30-09      In The Presence Of God


November 2009

r  11-01-09      Living In Daily Pressures

r  11-06-09      Freed From Prison

r  11-08-09      Fullness Of Joy

r  11-13-09      Betsey Garcia

                           Do You Really Want Your Miracle?

r  11-20-09      Betsey Garcia

                          God Doesn’t Always Make Sense

r  11-29-09      The Spirit Of Effectiveness To       

                          Bring Increase

December 2009

r  12-04-09      A Word Healed A Woman

r  12-06-09      We Are Redeemed

r  12-11-09      A Noble Man’s Son Is Healed

r  12-13-09      Visible Favor

r  12-18-09      Jesus Is The Waymaker

r  12-27-09       God Wants To Build Our   


January 2010

r  01-03-10       Effective Worship

r  01-08-10       Breaking The Bands Of 


r  01-15-10       Turning Our Hearts

                            Back To The Lord

r  01-17-10       Love Never Fails

r  01-22-10       Your Faith Can Move Mountains

r  01-24-10        The Spirit Of Increase

r  01-31-10        A Widow Woman’s Crisis


February 2010

r  02-05-10        Two Blind Men Asked Jesus

r  02-07-10        There Is A Reward For You!

r  02-12-10        Delivered From Bondage


r  02-14-10        The Love Of The Father For His Soin




r  02-14-10        The Love Of The Father                

                             For His Son

r  02-19-10        The Renewed Mind Of Christ

r  02-28-10        God Wants Us To Prosper


March 2010

r  03-05-10      Pulling Down Strongholds
                   In Your Mind

r  03-07-10      Pastor Knolly: In Due Season

r  03-19-10      Bethsaida A Place of Outpouring

r  03-21-10      Psalm 27

r  03-26-10      Restoring Our Confidence

r  03-28-10      Palm Sunday

April 2010

r  04-02-10      Good Friday:  The Power Of The           

r  04-09-10      The Angel Of The Lord Sits

                          On The Stone

r  04-11-10      Deuteronomy 28 Blessing

r  04-16-10      The Prisoners’ Chains Fell Off

r  04-18-10      Joseph Anointing For Success

r  04-23-10       Peter, Arise Quickly

r  04-25-10       Blessed Is The Man

r  04-30-10       Cry Out & You’ll Come Out

May 2010

r  05-02-10      They Cried Out & Came Out
                   From Egypt

r  05-07-10      Those Who Are Born Of God


r   05-14-10     He Said I Was Blind But Now I Can               

r  05-21-10      Elijah God vs. Baal God
                   Who Will You Choose?

r  05-23-10      The Filling Of The Holy Spirit

r  05-28-10      Sister Betsey Garcia                  
                   Hezekiah Humbles Himself

r  05-30-10     My Help Comes From The Lord

June 2010

r  06-04-10      Women’s Retreat 2010
                   Favor With God & Men

r  06-05-10      Women’s Retreat 2010
                   Anointing For Favor

r  06-06-10      Women’s Retreat 2010
                   Trusting In The Lord For Favor

r  06-11-10      I Waited So You Can Believe

r  06-13-10      Sister Betsey Garcia

                          Abraham Tested For Obedience

r  06-18-10      The One You Love Is Sick


r  06-20-10      Pastor Knolly
                   The Responsibility Of A Dad

r  06-25-10      Three Hebrew Boys Part 1

r  06-27-10      The Just Will Live By Faith

July 2010

r  07-02-10      Three Hebrew Boys Part 2

r  07-04-10      Solomon Says Listen To Me

r  07-09-10      The Word Is Fire

r  07-11-10      Provision Through The Widow

r  07-16-10      O Dry Bones, Hear The Word
                   Of The Lord

r  07-18-10      Beloved, Let Us Love One Another

r  07-23-10      Sister Betsey Garcia

                          Throw Aside Your Garment

r  07-25-10      Knowing God’s Love

r  07-30-10      Faith Activates Healing

August 2010

r  08-01-10      Consider What The Lord Has Done

r  08-06-10      The Spirit Of The Lord Will Take
                   You From Under To Over

r  08-08-10      Love, Truth, & The Holy Spirit

r  08-20-10      Victory Come Through Praise

r  08-22-10      Be Blessed In The Natural

r  08-29-10      The God of Hope     

September 2010

r  09-03-10     Have Faith & Remove Unbelief

r  09-05-10     He Will Supply All Things

r  09-12-10     Now Abide Faith, Hope & Love

r  09-17-10     The Blood Of Christ

r  09-19-10     The Lord Is My Helper &
                  My Keeper

r  09-24-10     Women, You Are Free

r  09-26-10     The Lord Will Provide

October 2010

r  10-01-10     Arise Quickly

r  10-03-10     The I Am Is The Light

r  10-08-10     The Word Is Like Fire

r  10-10-10     The Lord Visits His People

r  10-15-10     If God Is For Us,
                  Who Can Be Against Us?

r  10-17-10     The Seed Is The Word Of God

r  10-22-10     Be The Champions

r  10-24-10     The Appreciation Of A Pastor’s 


r  10-29-10     Speak To Your Mountains

r  10-31-10     Rejoice in the Lord,
                  My Little Children  


November 2010

r  11-05-10     Naaman Healed Of Leprosy

r  11-07-10     Giving Brings Increase

r  11-12-10     Waiting For The Moving

                          Of The Water

r  11-19-10      Turn It Around

r  11-21-10      Three Operating Principles of

r  11-28-10      God Has Not Forgotten Us


December 2010

r  12-03-10     Overcome By The Spirit

r  12-05-10     A Child Is Born

r  12-10-10     Bless The Lord

r  12-12-10     There’s A Guarantee
                  In His Promise

r  12-17-10     Coming Out Of Jericho

r  12-19-10     Man’s Disappointment Is
                  God’s Appointment

r  12-26-10     Three Wise Men

r  12-31-10     God Turned It Around For
                  The Widow Woman

January 2011

r  01-02-11     The Blessing Of The Lord
                  Is Upon Us

r  01-07-11     Invitation To Come

r  01-09-11     The Angel Will Prepare The Way

r  01-14-11     Extraordinary Miracles By Paul

r  01-16-11     The Lord Is Good and Gracious

r  01-21-11     In His Presence

r  01-23-11     Do Not Fear

r  01-28-11     The Blood Of The Lamb

r  01-30-11     Rejoice For Double

February  2011

r  02-11-11     Worshipping & Praising our God

r  02-13-11     Oh Give Thanks to The Lord

r  02-18-11     Set Your Mind on The
                  Things of God

r  02-20-11     7th Anniversary

r  02-25-11     For This Purpose Is For You

r  02-27-11     God Will Bring You Increase

March  2011

r  03-04-11     King of Glory

r  03-06-11     Open The Gates

r  03-11-11     The People Shout

r  03-13-11     The Commander Of The Lord

                          I Have Now Come








March  2011  (continued)

r  03-18-11     Two Were Healed (Daughter &


r  03-20-11     Faith & Belief In God

r  03-25-11     He Sent His Word

r  03-27-11     All The Blessings Will Over-Take



April  2011

r  04-01-11     The River of Healing

r  04-03-11     Double Portion Blessing

r  04-08-11     The Reinforcing of HIS Word

r  04-10-11     Love and Devotion With Jesus

r  04-15-11     Sit and Pray

r  04-17-11     Palm Sunday

r  04-22-11     He Breathed His Last Breath

r  04-24-11     Resurrection Sunday

r  04-29-11     The Sheep Cry Out



May  2011

r  05-01-11     Come and Eat Breakfast

r  05-06-11     God Tested Abraham

r  05-08-11     Mother’s Day (Chris)

r  05-13-11    To Elijah, The People said “It is

                         well spoken.”

r  05-15-11    Abiding in Love, Joy and Peace

r  05-20-11    Fear Not, Only Believe

r  05-22-11    The Peace of God Surpasses ALL


r  05-27-11    Give Me Your Attention

r  05-29-11    Blessing For Obeying The Lord

June  2011

r  06-03-11    David Said Bless The Lord

r  06-10-11    Women’s Retreat

                            At A Certain Time Rise Up

r  06-11-11    Women’s Retreat

                                     Do Not Fear, Only Believe

r  06-12-11   Women’s Retreat

                                         Jesus Knows What He Will Do

r  06-17-11   Ezekiel, Do You Have Faith To


r  06-19-11   Because of Unbelief, You Can Not

                              Enter In       

r  06-24-11   Jesus Sent The Word To Hammer It

                              In You

r  06-26-11   Moses Said Lord, Show Me The Way



July  2011

r  07-03-11    He Dispatched His Angles

r  07-08-11    A New Sound

r  07-10-11    Sound Of Abundant Rain

r  07-15-11    Dip In The Jordan Seven Times

r  07-17-11    Go To The Throne For The Crown

r  07-22-11    Only A Touch

r  07-29-11    Jehoshaphat:  Fast, Prayer, Praise

r  07-31-11    First Miracle In Cana

August  2011

r  08-05-11    Free From Temptation

r  08-07-11    The God Of Your Confidence

r  08-12-11    Praise Your Way Out

r  08-14-11    Repent So That Your Sins
              May Be Blotted Out

r  08-19-11    The Angel Sat On It

r  08-21-11    Waiting On The Lord

September  2011

r  09-09-11    Praise Your Way Out

r  09-11-11    Come Let  Us Worship

r  09-16-11    Jesus Is Passing By

r  09-18-11    The Life of Job

r  09-23-11    He Saw

r  09-25-11    When I Think About The Lord

r  09-30-11    On The Third Day

October 2011

r  10-02-11    You Are A Special Treasure

r  10-07-11    The Movement

r  10-09-11    The Blessing Of The Lord

r  10-14-11    New Wineskins

r  10-16-11    The Renewing Of Your Mind

r  10-21-11    Elisha & The Shunammite

r  10-28-11    From Impossible To Possible

November 2011

r  11-04-11    The Battle Is The Lord’s

r  11-06-11    Let Us Praise The Lord

r  11-11-11    I Will Open Your Grave

r  11-13-11    The Angels Are Charge Over You

r  11-18-11    Brother Chris Mahadeo:
              Same Spirit Then And Now

r  11-20-11    Brother Chris Mahadeo:
              Living Thankfully

r  11-27-11    Brother Chris Mahadeo:



December 2011

r  12-02-11    If Only I Touch

r  12-04-11    The Obedience & Blessing Of Ruth

r  12-09-11    Jesus Walked With The Disciples                    
              On The Road To Emmaus

r  12-11-11    Gabriel Was Sent To Zechariah

r  12-16-11     Delivered From All Trouble

r  12-23-11     Paul & Silas Sang Through Their                


r  12-25-11     The Promise Of Christ

r  12-31-11     New Year’s Eve 2011 Service

January 2012

r  01-06-12    Constant Prayer Rescued Peter

r  01-08-12    Wise Men

r  01-13-12    The Battle Is The Lord’s

r  01-15-12    The Jehoshaphat Blessing

r  01-20-12    The Man With Leprosy Healed

r  01-22-12    Pray Against The Balak Spirit

r  01-27-12    God Calms The Storm

r  01-29-12    God Tested The Widow

                 In Her  Faith

February 2012

r  02-03-12    You Are An Overcomer

r  02-05-12    Jesus Knew What
              He Was Going To Do

r  02-11-12    In One Accord

r  02-12-12    The Love Of God

r  02-17-12    Jesus Is Sitting By The Well For You

r  02-19-12    The Light Is Already Shining

r  02-24-12    Go Up To Mount Carmel

r  02-26-12    8th Anniversary

March 2012

r  03-02-12    Now In Christ

r  03-04-12    Holy Spirit Will Help In All Things

r  03-09-12    Ride The Ferris Wheel

r  03-11-12    Praise Him In Faith

r  03-16-12    Jonah Prayed In His Turmoil
              And God Heard

r  03-18-12   Approval In God

r  03-23-12   David Prepared The Way
             Through Praise

r  03-25-12   The Effective Word

r  03-30-12   The Naval Cord Is Cut & You Are 

April 2012

r  04-01-12    Palm Sunday

r  04-06-12    Good Friday

April 2012 (continued)

r  04-08-12    Resurrection Sunday

r  04-13-12    Four Miracles Through
             The Spoken Word

r  04-15-12   On The Road To Emmaus

r  04-20-12   The Holy Spirit All Around

r  04-22-12   The Lord Commanded The Raven
             To Feed Elijah

r  04-27-12   Martha’s Faith In Jesus

r  04-29-12   The Lord Provided For Elijah
             And The Widow

May 2012

r  05-04-12    Come Out From Your Graves

r  05-06-12    The Angel Touched Elijah

r  05-11-12    Daniel Came Out Of The Lion’s Den

r  05-13-12    Miriam & The Notable Woman

r  05-18-12    A Call To Weep

r  05-20-12    You Are Children Of The Light Not               


r  05-25-12   Extraordinary Miracles Through Paul

r  05-27-12   Wave Of The Holy Spirit

June 2012

r  06-03-12    The Lord Says I Am Giving My
              People Increase

r  06-08-12    Women’s Retreat 2012
              Friday Service

r  06-09-12    Women’s Retreat 2012
              Saturday Service

r  06-10-12    Women’s Retreat 2012
              Sunday Service

r  06-15-12    Jesus Sees You Where You Are

r  06-17-12    Grace To Reign In Life

r  06-22-12    Abraham, Lot & The Angels

r  06-24-12    Peace Be To You

r  06-29-12    At The Lord’s Command, Shout

July 2012

r  07-06-12    Your Help Comes From The Lord

r  07-08-12    The Lord Blesses His People
              Through Balaam

r  07-13-12    Cry Out To The Lord

r  07-15-12    Jesus Makes Provision

r  07-20-12    The Lord Came Down
              Because Of Their Cry

r  07-22-12   Pastor Knolly

             The Preaching Of The Cross

r  07-27-12   You Are The Power Saw

r  07-29-12   Enter By The Narrow Gate




August 2012

r  08-03-12   Use His Authority Over The Enemy

r  08-05-12   Ask And You Shall Receive

r  08-12-12   He Saw Nothing Until the 7th Time

r  08-17-12   How To Escape The Famine

r  08-19-12   The Cross Represents Love,                               

             Justice & Grace

r  08-24-12   The Power of Prayer

             & The Power Of Praise

r  08-26-12   The Hand Of God Was On Joseph

r  08-31-12   Blind Bartimaeus Cried Out

September 2012

r  09-02-12   David Recovered All

                That Was Stolen

r  09-07-12   Just Give Me A Word

r  09-09-12   His Perfect Peace

r  09-14-12   Humble Yourself Under

                       The Mighty Hand Of God

r  09-16-12   In Him, There Is Abundance

r  09-21-12   The Letter Is Good To You

r  09-23-12   From Filthy Garments

r                  To Rich Robes

r  09-28-12   Jesus Entered

r                  One Of The Synagogues

r  09-30-12   Elijah Meets The Widow Woman

October 2012

r  10-05-12    Joshua Says, Sanctify Yourselves

r  10-07-12    Now Faith, Great Faith

r  10-12-12    The Shunamite Woman

                  & The Prophet Elisha          

r  10-14-12    Ruth Gleaned

r  10-19-12    The King Of Glory

                 Comes With A Promise

r  10-21-12    Brother Chris Mahadeo:

                        Pastor Appreciation Service

r  10-26-12    Servants of the Most High God

November 2012

r  11-09-12    We Are The Champions!

r  11-11-12    Hannah Gets Her Miracle

r  11-16-12    Champions Win The War

r  11-18-12    Brother Chris Mahadeo:

                        Live A Life Of Thanks

r  11-25-12    God Of Hope

r  11-30-12    Jesus Spoke The Word

                        & The Lame Man Was Healed




December 2012

r  12-02-12    Your Prayer Has Been Heard

r  12-07-12    Jesus IS Willing

r  12-09-12    Believe The Prophetic Word
              & Wait For Its Fulfillment 

r  12-14-12   The Church Was In Constant Prayer

r  12-16-12    Highly Favored One

r  12-21-12    One In Jesus, One In God

r  12-23-12    Brother Chris: Who Is This Baby?

r  12-28-12    Elijah Proves The Israel Is A God Of
              Consuming Fire

r  12-30-12    Wise Men (Magi)

r  12-31-12    New Year’s Eve Service 2012

January 2013

r  01-04-13    It Was Overturned

r  01-06-13    Elijah Was A Man
              With A Nature Like Ours

r  01-11-13    Position Yourselves – Stand Still

r  01-13-13    God Said It, God Created It,
              God Blessed It

r  01-18-13    Brother Chris: The Armor Of God

r  01-20-13    A Land Filled With Gold

r  01-25-13    I Have Made You God

r  01-27-13    What Was Lost Is Found

February 2013

r  02-01-13    Peter & John Went Up
              To The Temple

r  02-03-13    Repent & Be Converted

r  02-10-13    An Open Door Set Before You

r  02-15-13    The Blood Of The Lamb

r  02-17-13    Give Thanks Unto God

r  02-22-13    A Sacrifice Of Praise

March 2013

r  03-01-13    God Saved Them

              From Their Enemies

r  03-03-13    God Said Pursue It

r  03-08-13    The Power Of Effective Praise

r  03-10-13    Jesus Moved With Compassion

r  03-15-13    Inquire Of The Lord

r  03-17-13    A Warning Of The Lake Of Fire

r  03-22-13    Whatever Things You Ask For

              You Will Receive

r  03-24-13    Hosanna

r  03-29-13    Jesus, The Passover Lamb

r  03-31-13    The Tomb Is Empty – Jesus Is Risen







April 2013

r  04-05-13    Nothing Can Separate Us

              From The Presence Of God  

r  04-07-13    Abide In Me Says The Lord

r  04-12-13    With Second Adam, The Devil Was


r  04-14-13    Your Prayers & Alms Have Come Up

r  04-19-13    In The Fear Of The Lord,

              There Is Strong Confidence

r  04-21-13    Peter Opened His Mouth & Spoke  

r  04-26-13    Jesus Returned

              In The Power Of The Spirit  

r  04-28-13    Abide & Remain In His Love

May 2013

r  05-03-13    In The Midst Of The Valley

r  05-05-13    Constant Prayer

r  05-10-13    Come Let Us Praise

r  05-12-13    My Hand Will Strike Egypt                

              With All My Wonders

r  05-17-13    His Word Like A Burning Fire

r  05-19-13    The Holy Spirit Is Resting Upon You

r  05-24-13    When They Had Broken Through

r  05-26-13    God Brings Reconciliation

r  05-31-13    The Cripple Man Leaped

June 2013           

r  06-02-13    God Grants You Strength

r  06-07-13    Loosed & Free

r  06-09-13    Jesus Is The True Shepherd

r  06-14-13    Your Flesh Shall Be Restored

r  06-16-13    The Faith Of Widow Woman

r  06-21-13    You Shall Prevail

r  06-23-13    Pastor Knolly

              Spiritual Truth

r  06-28-13    Hezekiah Wept Bitterly

r  06-30-13    Wrestle With God

July 2013            

r  07-05-13   Your Praise Is The Weapon

r  07-12-13   God Assigned An Angel

r  07-14-13   The Lord Is Bringing You

              Into A Good Land

r  07-19-13   A Child Blind From Birth

r  07-21-13   Freely Given









August 2013        

r  08-11-13   As They Receive Him

r  08-16-13   Victory On Mt Carmel

r  08-11-13   Ruth’s Obedience

r  08-23-13   One Samaritan Came To Give


r  08-25-13   Obedience Brings Blessing

r  08-30-13   No Weapon Formed Against You

             Shall Prosper


September 2013 

r  09-01-13   Joseph’s Success In Life

r  09-08-13   Even Jesus Gave Thanks

r  09-13-13   Your Word Burns In My Heart

r  09-15-13   David Lifted Up His Head

r  09-20-13   Abba Father

r  09-22-13   Increase And Abundance

r  09-27-13   Be Like David: Seek God

r  09-29-13   I will Do A New Thing in This Very                           Moment


October  2013

r  10-04-13   Do Not Be Afraid God is with you

r  10-06-13    Worship Brings Fire

r  10-11-13     Now Is Time To Launch Out

r  10-13-13     His Word Shall Not Return Void 

r  10-18-13     Daniel Feared And Trusted

                       The Lord

r  10-25-13     Jesus Feels What You Feel

r  10-27-13     Receive The Holy Spirit


November  2013

r  11-01-13   One Sweet Taste of The Holy Spirit

r  11-03-13   Let The Holy Spirit In

r  11-10-13   Who Am I O Lord God

r  11-15-13   Behold, It Is Jesus

r  11-17-13   Taste and See That

                        The Lord is Good 

r  11-24-13  Shout with Thanksgiving  


December  2013

r  12-01-13   Connect To The True Vine &

                                               Be Fruitful

r  12-06-13   Wait On The Lord &

                                               Be Renewed

r  12-08-13   An Awesome Miracle

r  12-20-13   The Face of Jesus:

                                               A Shining Light

r  12-22-13   Remember & Rejoice

r  12-29-13   Follow THE Star

r  12-31-13   God Said He Will Restore For You

January  2014

r  01-05-14   Jeremiah Petitioned For The People

r  01-12-14   Twice As Much Was Restored To Job

r  01-17-14   An Evening of Intercessory Prayer

r  01-19-14   Open Your Eyes And You Will See

r  01-26-14   Put Your Trust In God




February 2014

r  02-02-14   Blow Your Trumpets

r  02-09-14   What God Has Blessed Man Cannot Reverse

r  02-16-14   Confidence in God

r  02-21-14   Together with God

r  02-23-14   14th Anniversary Service  


March 2014

r  03-02-14   The King Will Answer Us

r  03-07-14   Jesus Asks What Do You Want From Me

r  03-09-14   Nothing But God

r  03-16-14   God Will Be True To His Word

r  03-21-14   For This Purpose

r  03-23-14   It Is God Who Gives The Increase  


April 2014

r  04-18-14   Good Friday

r  04-20-14   Easter Sunday

r  04-27-14  Jesus Is With You


May 2014

r  05-02-14   Apply The Blood

r  05-11-14   The Lord is on our Side

r  05-16-14   Be That one Person

r  05-18-14   How New Things Are Happening

r  05-25-14   Gods Promise For All Things

June 2014

r  06-6-14   Acknowledge Him

r  06-8-14  The Spirit Within You

r  06-15-14 Return To You Heavenly Father

r  06-20-14 Intercessory  Prayer

r  06-22-14 Jesus  Prays For Us

r  06-29-14 Rejoice And Be Joyful


July 2014

r  07-06-14  The Plagues Will Be Removed

r  07-13-14  Confidence in God

r  07-18-14  Praise HIM!

r  07-20-14  Obey Your God & Expect Your Blessing

r  07-27-14 God is Love









August 2014


r  08-01-14   Run To Jesus Just As You Are

r  08-03-14   God Covenant  of Peace

r  08-10-14    Ask God  It will Be Done

r  08-15-14    Its Your Time To love

r  08-17-14    With God There Be An overflow

r  08-24-14   Faith Works Together With Works

r  08-31-14   Seek God's Wisdom


September 2014


r  09-05-14   Faith Like The Lame Man

r  09-07-14   The Desires Of Your Heart

r  09-14-14   You, Your King And Your Treasure

r  09-19-14   You Can Break Every Spirit

r  09-21-14   God Will Lead You To Your Canaan

r  09-28-14   Stand On The Promise Of God


October 2014


r  10-03-14   Nothing Shall Hurt You

r  10-05-14   Come Close and Hear The Word

r  10-12-14   His Perfect Peace

r  10-17-14   Times of  Refreshing

r  10-26-14   He Is With You

November 2014


r  11-09-14   Joy In God's Faithfulness

r  11-16-14   Trust In The Lord; The Benefits are


r  11-23-14   Give Thanks Unto God For This Too

                Shall Pass

r  11-30-14   God Knows Your Needs and Will





December 2014


r  12-05-14   Run To God Not Away From Him

r  12-07-14   The Flesh And Blood Of Jesus

r  12-14-14   Believe His  Word

r  12-21-14   Your Everything

r  12-28-14   Seek Him Find Him And Rejoice

r  12-31-14   Renew, Restore and Recover All




January 2015


r  01-04-15   Fix Your Thoughts On Jesus

r  01-11-15  Daniel's Faith in God

r  01-25-15  God Will Be With You


February 2015

r  02-01-15  More Than Conquerors

r  02-06-15  Martha Knew Jesus And Believed

r  02-08-15  Our Victory is The Result of Faith

r  02-15-15  The Fourth Man Is With You

r  02-20-15  God's Face Shines Upon Us

r  02-22-15 11th Anniversary: Walk By Faith

March 2015

r  03-01-15  God Is Our Protector

r  03-08-15  Reach Out To Touch Him

r  03-15-15  What The Lord Has Spoken

r  03-20-15  Tired Hurting Suffering Pray

r  03-22-15  Obey God's Word He Will Provide

r  03-29-15  Command What Belongs To You


April 2015

r  04-03-15  Jesus Died For Us

r  04-05-15  Rejoice !

r  04-12-15  An Angle Goes Before Us

r  04-17-15  Use The Word With Authority

r  04-19-15  Launch Out Into The Deep

r  04-26-15  Joseph, The Lord Was With Him


May 2015

r  05-01-15  Don't Let Anything Hold You Back

r  05-03-15  Oh, Praise The Lord!

r  05-10-15  A Little Faith Goes A Long Way

r  05-15-15  Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

r  05-17-15  Give Glory To The Lord

r  05-24-15  Holy Spirit Power

r  05-31-15  Holy Spirit Tune-Up


June 2015

r  06-07-15 The Bread of Life

r  06-19-15 God Tells Us: Do Not Worry

r  06-21-15 A Father's Love

r  06-28-15 Come Let Us Adorn Him

July 2015

r  07-12-15 For Lord The Fights For You

r  07-17-15 Hour Of Power Of Prayer

r  07-19-15 Faith As A Mustard Seed

r  07-26-15 God's Word Will Not Be Postponed


August 2015

r  08-02-15   Through Faith, By Faith,

With Faith

r  08-07-2015 Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is

There Is Liberty

r  08-09-2015 My Help Comes From The Lord

r  08-21-2015 He Freely Give Us All Things

r  08-23-2015 Now Lord




September 2015

r  09-13-15 Set On The Rock,Jesus

r  09-18-15 Like David Go After Your Goliath

r  09-20-15 What Is Meant For Evil God Meant It For Good

r  09-27-15 Strength From God


October 2015

r  10-02-15 Whatever It Takes, Get To The Master

r  10-04-15 Victorious With God

r  10-11-15 Victory Is Your

r  10-16-15 All Things Are Possible

r  10-18-15 It Is He Who Gives

r  10-25-15 Create In Me A Clean Heart


November 2015

r  11-01-15 Confidence in God

r  11-08-15 Nehemiah Fasted and Prayed

r  11-15-15 Let The Holy Spirit Come Upon You

r  11-20-15 In Christ, The Enemy Has NO Power

r  11-22-15 Give Thanks To GOD!

r  11-29-15 Come Into The Spirit


December 2015

r  12-06-15 Make Him Your God

r  12-13-15 God Will Send His Angel At The Appointed Time

r  12-18-15 Respond To Any News With Prayer

r  12-20-15 Highly Favored By God

r  12-27-15 Like A Wise Man Seek  Him

r  12-31-15 God's Good Word Towards You


January 2016

r  01-01-16 Founded on the Rock

r  01-10-16 Reach For The Things Ahead

r  01-15-16 Wrestle For Your Blessing

r  01-17-16 Delight In His Law

r  01-31-16 God is a God of Sufficiency



February 2016

r  02-05-16 Omnipresence Of God

r  02-07-16 Overcome Your Enemy Through  Power Of God

r  02-19-16 Lord Here My Voice

r  02-28-16 Gods Daily Provision











March 2016

r  03-06-16 Feed On The Lords Faithfulness

r  03-13-16 How Shall I Curse Whom God Has Not Cursed 

r  03-20-16 Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord

r  03-25-16 Jesus Gave Up His Spirit For Us

r  03-27-16 Angels On Assignment


April 2016

r  04-1-16 Healing Service

r  04-3-16 The Lord Blesses Obedience

r  04-10-16 Every Praise

r  04-17-16 He Wants Your Praise

r  04-24-16 God Remembers



May 2016

r  05-01-16 Do Not Be Afraid

r  05-06-16 Call Out His Name

r  05-08-16 A Virtuous Women

r  05-15-16 Suddenly

r  05-22-16 He Will Restore

r  05-29-16 Renew Your Mind




June 2016

r  06-03-16 Guard The word of God

r  06-05-16 Through HIS Blood, The Forgiveness of sin

r  06-12-16 HIS Eyes Upon You

r  06-19-16 Perfect Love of Our Father

r  06-26-16 Praise The Name of The Lord


July 2016

r  07-03-16 Freedom

r  07-15-16 Spirit Of The Lord

r  07-17-16 The Kindness of God

r  07-24-16 Connect With The Holy Spirit

r  07-31-16 God Will Provide For Those Who Are Obedient



August 2016

r  08-05-16  Enjoy The Of God

r  08-07-16 Uncommon Favor

r  08-19-16 New Wineskin

r  08-21-16 Obey God And Blessing Shall Overtake You

r  08-28-16 Living Water



September 2016

r  09-02-16  Cast Your Mountain Into The Sea

r  09-04-16  Strong Confidence

r  09-11-16  Faith Without Works Is Dead

r  09-18-16  ASK

r  09-23-16  Standing Together

r  09-25-16  God will Restore What The Enemy Has Taken



October 2016

r  10-02-16  God Will Place You In The Right Field

r  10-07-16  God Will Make The Way Straight

r  10-09-16  Rejoice in God

r  10-16-16  Give Your First Fruits To The

r  10-21-16  God Is A God Everywhere And Everyone

r  10-23-16  Up To Mountain Top

r  10-30-16 Be Like Daniel: Strong In the Lord





November 2016

r  11-4-16  God will Protect You If You Obey

r  11-6-16  Allow God To Purge You

r  11-13-16  Children Of Light

r  11-27-16  The Faithful One




December 2016

r  12-02-16  An Example Of A Faithful Woman

r  12-04-16  Zacharias And The Angel

r  12-16-16  Believe That God Will Do It

r  12-31-16  New Year's Eve




January 2017

r  01-06-17  Have A Zeal For God

r  01-08-17  A Call For Fasting and Prayer

r  01-15-17  God's Amazing  Covenant

r  01-20-17  Do you Believe

r  01-22-17  Be Still And Know That I Am God

r  01-29-17  God Is In Control




February 2017

r  02-05-17  Trust In God Alone

r  02-12-17  The Lord Is My Light

r  02-26-17  You Have A Friend In God



March 2017

r  03-03-17  Pray Sing And Worship To Release Those Chains

r  03-05 -17  Overcome By Faith

r  03-12-17  God Is Greater Than Our Heart

r  03-17-17  God Is Working Out The Impossible

r  03-19-17 Especially Chosen For God By God

r  03-26-17 God Want Your Whole Heart



April 2017

r  04-02-17  The Lord's Word Will Come To Pass

r  04-07-17  God Says Surely I Will Heal You

r  04-09-17  Hosanna In The Highest

r  04-14-17  Jesus Died For Us

r  04-23-17  God's Medicine

r  04-30-17  Blessings Surround Us


May 2017

r  05-05-17  He Wants To Heal You

r  05-07-17  The Blessing Of The Lord Surround You

r  05-14-17  The Virtuous Woman

r  05-19-17  My Deliverance

r  05-21-17  Delight Yourself In The Lord

r  05-28-17  Let The Peace of God Reign


June 2017

r  06-02-17  The God You Serve Will Deliver You

r  06-11-17  Men And Women Of Great Faith

r  06-16-17  Angels On Assignment

r  06-25-17  Hannah's Prayer


July 2017

r  07-02-17  Fullness Of Joy In The Lord Presence

r  07-07-17  God Will Restore It All

r  07-09-17 God Has Restored You

r  07-16-17  Angels On Assignment

r  07-21-17  An Evening of Prayer


August 2017

r  08-06-17 The Bread Of Life

r  08-13-17 Keep On Pressing In

r  08-18-17 Cast It Off Run o Jesus

r  08-20-17 Cod Will Destroy Your Enemy


September 2017

r  09-01-17 With Faith God Is Moving On Your    Behalf

r  09-03-17 True Love

r  09-10-17 Keep Your Confidence In God

r  09-15-17 The Unclean Spirit

r  09-17-17 Call Upon The Lord



October 2017

r  10-01-17 Zacchaeus Wanted To See The Lord

r  10-06-17 In The Spirit Not The Flesh

r  10-08-17 Receive The Holy Spirit

r  10-15-17 Do You Know who Jesus Is

r  10-22 -17 Confess Jesus Is Lord

r  10-29-17 Watch What God Will Do



November 2017

r  11-03-17 Hear Receive Then Activate The Word

r  11-05-17 We Have An Inheritance From God

r  11-19-17 God Works on Our Behalf