Meditate On The Word


How sweet are Your words to my taste,

Sweeter than honey to my mouth!  

Through Your precepts I get understanding;

Therefore I hate every false way.

                                                                 Psalm 119:103-104 [NKJV]



Meditate on the Word, and it will produce much fruit.

Cherish the Word; meditate on it day and night.

Don’t let this law depart, but keep it. 

The Word is effective; it is sweeter than honey.

In time of chaos or trouble, the Word will protect you. 

It provides strength when you are weak.

It provides comfort when you are mourning.

It provides understanding when you are confused.

Let His Word be a lamp unto your feet.

Let Him direct your path.

Meditate on the Word.

Let it produce the fruit God wants.

Hide the Word in your heart.

Do not let it depart from your mouth.

But you shall, will and must meditate on the Word.



Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.”

 Psalm 119:11 [NKJV]